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Colombo Symposium 2017:

Teachers are IN:
75 years of 
INclusive, and INspiring teaching

DemonstrationA Speaking Project with PollEverywhere, Google Slides, and Google Drive

Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Saint Michael's College

Colchester, Vermont, USA 



AbstractIn this demonstration, participants will see how technology is leveraged to support pedagogy in both face-to-face and flipped classroom situations. The presenter will show how mobile phones, computer applications, and cloud storage were integrated to conduct a speaking project. The project had to meet learning outcomes for interaction and collaboration in an authentic environment and using technology for the co-creation of content and communication. Participants will see how high-intermediate-level learners used scaffolded materials, instructions, and examples on a shared Google Drive document to construct their project. The presenter will show how the computer app PollEverwhere was used to construct a survey and how the same app was used on mobile phones to poll 15 members in the campus community. Participants will see how the survey results were integrated into Google Slides or PowerPoint and how Google Drive was used to construct and then share the slide presentations. Videos of the survey interviews and the presentations shared on Google Drive will also be shown.









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